Unhealthy yoyo dieting, from the past, I knew too well. So glad I have a solution that banishes the discouraging syndrome.

The Prove It Challenge is a way of life for me. Thankfully yoyo dieting will never happen again, eating 1/2 gal. of ice cream, ravishing a bag of Hershey miniature chocolates, picking, picking, picking unhealthy carbohydrate foods. It starts with a 7 day healthy cleanse, which is on my calendar every 6 mos without fail. I learn so much each cleanse and can observe my health journey growing in a positive direction every time. How you ask?

  • My wild cravings have definitely subsided; still have some cravings now and then but nothing like the past
  • Discerning more and more what triggers the cravings (I’m a recovering sugar addict)
  • More aware of eating variety and colors for maximum nutrient value, trying new foods and recipes, adding fun to my meals
  • Plus my body just likes all those fruits and vegetables, more alert; always end up making better choices post cleanse.

After the 7 days my routine is Life Shake smoothie and Vitalizer Strip, the life blood of my health journey. Long ago a decision was made to invest in my health – Well Care rather than Sick Care – and it has paid off. Lost 50+ lbs. to start. More on this another time.

I used the word ‘banish’ earlier because it is a mindset. Check a Jan 2020 Webinar in my Wellness Resource Center with Drs Daggy and Park – 7 Big Secrets to Losing Weight. A key point that struck me was – Build habits you intend to keep”. Yes, yes, yes. Check out some of the other habits crucial to weight loss and maintenance.

link to the replay

I’m a transformed person.  

A word of encouragement: 100% RULE THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, by Benjamin Hardy PhD

If you have a mindset to transform, to build habits you intend to keep, to make a decision to go for it 100%, then the Prove IT Challenge is a program that will jumpstart your journey to Well Care focus.

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