This Thought Nugget, the process of contemplating, started with a colleague in my Health and Wellness business using a new word for me, “crowdsource”.

Merriam-Webster – crowdsource: “The practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people and especially from the online community rather than from traditional employees or suppliers.” The 1st use of the word and definition was seen in 2006. So this is an evolving word especially with social media growth.

There is power in numbers. Having many health and wellness business owners post content and invite members to 1 group establishes a robust FB group, more robust than one could create on one’s own in a short space of time. Question, can one express one’s uniqueness or establish relationships within a large social media group that is crowdsourced?

The goal and usage of a crowdsourced social media group has to be clear. For example, in this case, providing a place to invite prospects that is vibrant, interactive, where learning about health and wellness can be observed before taking the next step. This would be a worthy goal. To help maintain and enhance one’s personal credibility and uniqueness, an ATM system (Add, Tag, Message) can be used for connecting and interacting more personally with one’s prospects.

Can one express one’s uniqueness within a large social media group that is crowdsourced by other similar businesses? What about establishing relationships? How do you weigh the pros and cons? Is this a step in the new prospect funnel? What do you think?

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